1. I did not receive my customer ID or password, how do I get access to the site?

There is a link under the login fields at https://shop.cashmanpro.com that says “I Forgot/Lost My Password”. Click on this link and enter the email address that you provided to our photographer on your wedding or special event day. Your customer ID and password will be emailed to you at that address. If this does not work, please contact our customer care department by phone at (888) 450-3686 or by email at customercare@cashmanpro.com

2. How do I submit my order for prepaid photos that were included in my package using the website?

The online services that we provide are not currently included in the packages. The site is not actually designed for the selection of prepaid photos that may have been included in a package. The website cannot currently distinguish between prepaid and reorder selections and charges for all selection made online. Customers who are unable to attend the sales meeting the day after their wedding or special event are sent an 8 x 10 contact sheet of the images and an order form for the selection of the prepaid photos. It is an option to review the images online and then fax or mail the selections to Cashman Professional on the order form that has been mailed.

3. I see the images from my wedding when I log in, but how do I place my order?

After logging in to the website you will see the page load that has all of your available images for your wedding or special event. Across the top portion of the screen there is gray bar that has links to the print, video, crystal and merchandise sections of our catalogue. These screens are where you may initiate your orders for each of the respective item types.

4. I cannot change the billing information on my account. How can my family members order online?

The billing information that you provided on your wedding day is hard coded to your account. This information is unalterable for your security and identity theft prevention. All customers who wish to purchase online need to have their own unique account set up. Accounts may be requested by filling out the online request screen at https://shop.cashmanpro.com

5. Can I view the video of my wedding or special event on your website?

Our website does not currently offer streaming video as an option. However, this service is available at some chapels by visiting their websites directly. We are more than happy to offer both VHS and DVD copies of the wedding ceremonies/special events in our online store.

6. I have logged on to the online store using the access information provided but no images are available.

Please contact our customer care department by phone at (888) 450-3686 or by email at customercare@cashmanpro.com